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Washita Valley Weekly   Page 5 www.washitavalleyweekly.com September 28, 2022 We Believe in Oklahoma Countdown to Christmas  Christmas, Sunday December 25th, is approximately 3 months away. With supply chain problems, inflation and other economic problems troubling the United States, it may be prudent to begin your holiday shopping early and using a layaway option at your local hometown store and business.  Not as prominent as in past years, a layaway program can usually save you money over using a credit card as credit cards carry an exorbitant finance charge if not paid within a thirty day billing frame. SAVE 7 DAYS AWEEK Mon - Sat 10 - 7 Sun 1 - 6 3420 S 4th CHICKASHA 405-825-3510 30% OFF Spring Air Mattresses! 20% OFF Entire Store! 90 Day Plan 20 % down! Pay when you can! All merchandise is released when paid for. Gorilla World 405-224-5007 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm Sat 9am-5pm 4310 South 4 th Street South Highway 81 — Chickasha Store Wide Layaway 20% Down, Get it Out by Christmas! Arrange Payments Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly! See Store for Complete Details! • Appliances • Tools • Mattresses & Bedding • Flooring • Lumber • Landscape Rock • Heaters • Air Conditioners • Come See What’s New! Corner of 3rd & Texas Chickasha FromMinor Tune-ups to Complete Overhauls! We Have Gift Certificates for Tires to Tuneups! If Santa Wanted Pipes on His Truck, He Would Layaway Now! Layaway Plans for Tires Wheels Exhaust Systems Complete Engine! 405-222-3737 405-222-2747 4th & Arkansas Chickasha Across from KFC 405-224-0108 Visit Our Showroom! Kyle & Rhonda McComas Sammy Says... “Get it while we got it! Have it for the Holidays” Layaway Now! G enerators • B e R eady foR W inteR M R C ool H eat and a iR • S iMple and e aSy to i nStall f looRing • C aRpet , t ile , l aMinate o nyx S HoWeRS • t He V eRy B eSt in H oMe i MpRoVeMent Money Tight? Credit Card Maxed? Supply Chain Broken? Interest Rates Climbing Cost of Living Increasing? Christmas is still coming!  Layaway is easy. Shop now. Select your pur- chase, pay a small retainer or deposit that is credited to the purchase price, make installment payments between now and Christmas, and re- trieve your purchase from the merchant once you have paid for the item.  You can set up a payment plan, such as mak- ing a small payment with each paycheck until you need the item.  The merchant holds the item until it is paid for in full.  This will save you time, stress and worry that an item you want will be in stock when you need it. Don’t put it off, ninety days goes by really fast. Check with these merchants about their layaway programs and lets have a worry free paid for Christmas this year. These merchants will let you select almost anything in their store and offer you a layaway program. Layaway now and have 10-12 weeks to pay for it! It will not become cheaper than right now, newer items will cost more if they are available at all. Be a shrewd shopper and use a layaway plan to save and be sure. Inflation May Lead to Early Christmas Shopping by ARMANDO ROGGIO  The U.S. Consumer Price Index has been rising faster than some economists expected. Shoppers are paying much more for necessities such as food, energy, and household goods.  On August 10, 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in the previous 12 months — through July 2022 — the prices Americans pay for all items had risen 8.5%.  In a recent report, Rob Garf, vice president and general manager of retail at Salesforce, stated, “Infla- tion has finally caught up to bullish spending, with consumers buying fewer items from fewer retailers. This likely isn’t a temporary mindset but a signal of a larger consumer behavioral shift towards value and convenience. For retailers to address this, it’s not about physical versus digital, but rather finding ways for channels to work symbiotically to attract and retain loyal shoppers.”  With prices rising, some shoppers may decide to buy their Christmas gifts earlier this year while costs are still relatively lower. Tight Budgets  Inflation may also cause shoppers to be more budget-conscious this holiday season and spread out their purchases rather than buy everything at once.  Thus a shopper who might usually wait for Black Friday (November 25, 2022), Cyber Monday (No- vember 28, 2022), or even Super Saturday (Decem- ber 17, 2022) to buy gifts could shift some of those purchases into October or earlier to blunt Christmas shopping’s budgetary blow.